About Our Brand

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Ramo de OLor History:

Ramo is a play off my last name Ramos, which means: Bouquet. Ramo de OLor means Bouquet of scent in Spanish, or Branches of colors in italian. That is how we came up with our Brand: Ramo de OLor.

Through our designs and Fragrances, Our brand represents The importance of taking care of our mental health By embracing the now.  Always make time to embrace the creations and organic art surrounding us. Creating a moment for ourselves to Observe These things, help to keep us stable In this unstable world.

We hope that our designs and fragrances bring you back nostalgic memories that make you smile. Always take a moment to reflect on a hilarious, intimate, or personal nostalgic moment of bliss that happened in your lifetime. Remember the good memories too.

About our chemical free parfums

But first, a quick history lesson on how parfums were originally created:

I have been a Parfum connoisseur since I was 3 years old.

My hero/Uncle taught me the 19th century technique of how perfumes were made.  Parfums were hand crafted from natural plants and flowers. They extracted oils from flowers, or plants and allowed them to soak for several days In a dark place; Enclosed in mason jars. When the oils Presented the fragrance they wanted, they would then extract the oil from the mason jar and use jojoba oil as a diluent. Because of this technique, Perfumes and colognes were not over powering and smelled of the natural elements of earth; This is how Fragrances were intended to smell.

Over time, Big companies began to use chemicals in a lab that creates any fragrance they want. They then use alcohol as a diluent. This is the reason many Brand fragrances are off putting and loud; Which at times can cause headaches and skin itchiness. Big companies use this method to focus on quantity the most cost effective way. Ultimately, this results in less quality. 

For the reason above, 19th century fragrances are the standard. Individuals took time to create a product of quality over quantity. Thanks to my uncle, We gladly own one of the original Chanels; No, we will Never open the box. If you check out our instagram you can find the picture of it.

About Ramo de OLor Chemical free Parfums:

Ramo de OLor is a Fragrance House. We pride ourselves by using parts of the 19th century technique with our own personal twist. We use chemical free, plant-based essential oils To Hand craft our own parfums. As a diluent we use jojoba oil w vitamin E; This creates optimal health benefits. Jojoba oil and vitamin E also allows the fragrance to subtly unfold like a flower as the day progresses. We take our time in hand crafting These Parfums to ensure optimal quality.

Quietly stand out with Ramo de OLor. We guarantee Superior Fragrances. 

*Homemade and handmade in Nashville, Tennessee. Essential oil based. Chemical Free. vegan. cruelty free. 


High Fashion Apparel:

We lead the fashion industry with innovative designs and creative High fashion. We use parts of sketching and digital art to create vibrant color schemes inspired by  the creations surrounding us.

Characters sT•K & Bumb33:

sT•K represents us ( The human race); sT•K constantly embraces the moment and creations we're surrounded by. He isn't worried about the next moment, as each moment has its own anxieties. Instead sT•K stays grounded by cherishing the environment and the ones he loves. sT•K is a reminder for us to keep our mental health in front. 

Bumb33 the honey bee is sT•k's best friend. Bumb33 is bringing attention to the integral role ALL Bee's are in this world. Bee's are the key to maintaining biodiversity. Without the creation of Bee's, the ecosystem would not survive.

LCA Brand by Ramo de OLor:

LCA is the sister brand of Ramo de OLor. LCA is an acronym we created to represent Love Cures All. LCAi represents Loves Cures ALL Injustice. Without love there is no purpose, WITH love we create purpose.

Be a part of the positive movement.