About the Creators of Ramo de OLor

About The Cre8tors of Ramo de OLor: Follow our instagram @ramodeolor

My name is Michael and my beautiful wife is Chelsea. We live in Nashville,TN. I am a synesthetes that creates homemade/handmade, chemical free, essential oil based fragrances from pictures (more about synesthesia below). My beautiful wife Chelsea IS the business and mrs.everythang (say it with a twang). Without her, "I'd be living In a van down by the river!"Matt foley voice ( Chris Farley)


I can experience one sense through another sense. For instance, i can hear music in color and I can smell pictures. Since I was a young boy Ive been able look at pictures and determine songs and fragrances that match it. When I hear music I see colors, various shapes, and things that are missing from any particular song.

While at times Synesthesia can be VERY OVERWHELMING; It is a gift I enjoy having because, it enables me to be creative, and more in touch with the earth.

That’s a lot a bit about us, but our story is never finished ......stay tuned (que twilight zone music sound).