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Ramo de OLor

SUNSET by Ramo de OLor -Chemical free-

SUNSET by Ramo de OLor -Chemical free-

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Inspired by our beautiful sunset:

This fragrance is a seductive aroma that becomes more alluring as the sun sets. It is Fresh, Spicy, and intimate. This fragrance can last 8-12 hours. 

We mix our essential oils with vitamin E and jojoba oil for a healthy and lasting perfume experience.


Intended use: spring, summer, year round

Orange, Amber, Nutmeg, bergamot, frankincense, vanilla, tobacco, spearmint, tobacco, lemon, tonka bean, clove, cacao

Vegan. Cruelty-free. Phthalate free. Paraben free. Chemical free. Eco-Friendly
Homemade. Handmade.

Directions for use: Apply on skin to your satisfaction.
**tip- rub some on your palms and dab it on your clothing.

Materials: Jojoba Oil,Essential Oils,vitamin E,Plant Based,

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